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I'd like to welcome you to my blog spot where you can view my art work.

About my artworks:

My paintings are inspired by nature, flora and fauna, botanics. My day job is a florist so being at work  I usually come across with plenty amazing species. The themes and colours are organic and I like to show symbolistic and surrealistic, melancholic elements but sometimes simply just wish to present the beauty of the plant or object as it is.  I could probably separate my paintings for two groups at the moment, for simple botanical art  and surreal art with a preference of botanics -this second one normally evolves from the first category, say when I see a flower I want to paint it for its charming colour and shape but then until the  process I start seeing different characteristics, emotions  and I feel I have to personify this specie to a certain degree - painted with joy it's an appreciation of the theme on a metamorph way. I did a course on botanical art simply just for fun and interest also hoping that the experience would give me a deeper understanding of plants and would help other ideas,to make the metamorphosis happen on a new level. my creatures are usually female characters as I can express the connection better,.also if we think Mother nature,Gaia,Flora Fauna,Artemis just a few to mention are symbolising not just nature but ever changing female nature and myself being a woman I find easier to express myself that way.

As mediums I use watercolour but I also like oil, on paper and canvas, experimenting with materials,just whatever works best.

About me:

I did my studies in Fine art in Hungary where I am originally from. I have moved to to Scotland 9yrs ago since  I also own a diploma from Botanical Art what I have gained from the Society of Botanical Artists in London and a Diploma of Floral Design. I have been working as a florist in the past 7 years so that is partly where inspiration comes from but I grew up in a family where my parents adored their garden and my mum always put her cut flower arrangements on the table.Also my childhood that pretty much was influenced by all the folk and myth tales and old fairy tales ,poems and grotesque films, underground music scene i used to be part of, an atmosphere that I still enjoy nowadays. Some of my favourite artists would be the Italian renaissance "memento mori" painters,dramatic baroque artists, pre raphaelites, surrealists, Damien Hirst, Scott Scheidly, Beinart collective just to mention some.

Please feel free to manouver around my site and also round the other site which holds the folders to some of my art work.

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On Facebook: Artemisia Floral Art

Tel: 07943906197


2003. Club Cellar Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2004. Club Cellar Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2005. Ponton Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2006. A.P.A. Gallery - Budapest, Hungary

2007. Harsfa Pub - Budapest, Hungary
2007. Jozsefvarosi Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2007. The Factory night club -Budapest, Hungary

2008. The Coast Festival of the visual arts - McDuff Town Hall, Scotland
2008. RDF Design's art gallery - Fyvie,Turriff Scotland

2009. RDF Design's art gallery - Fyvie, Turriff ,Scotland- Residental artist
2009. Tabernacle art prize and exhibition- MOMA Wales,UK
2009. NEOS- RDF Design's art gallery -Fyvie, Turriff, Scotland
2009. WASPS Open Studio exhibition - Aberdeen, Scotland

2010. Colorida art Gallery- Lisbon,Portugal
2010. The Meffan art Gallery- Forfar, Scotland
2011.Working on own projects including research on mixed medium crafts
2009-2013. Got involved in Floral art under own business as Neon Rose Floristry
2012-2013. Member student of the Society of Botanical Artists Uk
                  - currently doing diploma studies for society and working on various artworks for
                    upcoming events
2014. Society of botanical artists,  NEOS
2015 Parallax Art Fair- London
2015 Published in Contemporary Masters by world wide art books- Santa Barbara CA
2016- Own shop opened for all  floral art Artemisia 
2016- Published in Leopard Magazine -Aberdeen

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